Programme & Abstracts

The 10th international conference of the International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation is a unique opportunity to meet other members of the PWS community from around the world, to learn more about developments in the field and to share information.

Conference overview

The conference will be made up of four strands (three conferences and the activities for People with PWS). Delegates are welcome at any of the three conferences, please see the following information to decide which parts of the conference are most relevant to you:

14.00 to 17.00 Wednesday 13 November – roundtable on gonadal function, puberty, sexuality and fertility in people with PWS – open to all (select to attend when registering).

Roundtable on gonadal function

  • Clinical and Scientific Programme: Thursday 14 & Friday 15 November, The Theatre

Clinical and Scientific programme FINAL

Clinical and Scientific speaker and poster abstracts, IPWSO 2019

This meeting brings together clinicians and research scientists from around the world to present, discuss and critically evaluate recent research findings in order to advance understanding of PWS and develop new and effective interventions. This is the only opportunity that clinicians and researchers actively working in the field have to do this. Key findings from this conference will also be presented to the Parents’ meeting.

Presentations and discussions will be in English.

  • Professional Providers’ and Caregivers’ Programme: Thursday 14 & Friday 15 November, The Ché Guevara room

Professional Providers’ and Carers’ programme FINAL

This meeting brings together staff working in organisations around the world who provide or who are proposing to provide support services to people with PWS. The meeting is an opportunity to hear about and discuss different services and to consider and develop policies and practices. An overview of relevant research may also be presented. Anyone working in community services, family members and clinicians are all welcome.

The main language will be English. We intend to provide English to Spanish and Spanish to English simultaneous translation.

  • Parents’ Programme: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 November, The Theatre

Parents’ programme FINAL

This meeting provides an opportunity for families to meet with each other and to share experiences and ideas from around the world. The meeting also provides the opportunity to hear from clinicians and scientists, who will have taken part in the Clinical and Scientific Conference, about recent advances in our understanding of PWS and best practice with respect to interventions and support.

The main language will be English. We intend to provide English to Spanish and Spanish to English simultaneous translation.

  • Activities for people with PWS and their families: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 November, Complejo El Libertador 

IPWSO is working closely with our host country to provide support for people with PWS who come with their families or with others to attend the conference. We anticipate that the main languages for the family activities will be English and Spanish. It is expected that a family member or support worker remains with the person with PWS so that someone familiar is with them throughout the daily programmes. Every effort is made to provide food security. The programme will include activities such as sports activities, crafts, movie sessions, games and dancing. Delegates who have selected this programme are being contacted with details.

  • General Assembly: 17.00 to 19.00 on Sunday 17 November, The Theatre

IPWSO member associations to meet and discuss organisational matters, including deciding the venue for the next conference. All welcome.